I work for a running company where I get to talk shoes, gear, and training all day, everyday.
I run 80+ miles per week in rain, snow, heat and humidity, I even hop on the treadmill when needed. Yet, some mornings start the exact same way for me… I just don’t want to go run.

I want my usual cup (err, pot) of coffee, I want to watch Sportscenter, I want to finish that epic game of “trains” my son and I started last night, and oh man… I want those insane homemade malted Belgian waffles my wife just made (e-mail me for the recipe, for real you gotta try these).

Yet every morning regardless of what I want to do, I lace up my Mizunos (which lately has been the new Wave Hitogami, see below) and get the mileage in.


It’s almost as if the decision was made for me long ago, that some other entity forces my butt out the door each day because that’s just what runners do, we run.  Trust me, it wasn’t always like this but somewhere along the way I was transformed into a runner.  The transformative power of running quite literally changed my life.  Here’s how:

I was the chunky kid on the block.  My mom took me back to school shopping in the dreaded “husky” sections at the mall.  Although I could throw and catch better than most, the first day of football practice I was sent with the rest of the portly kids, as we were automatically lineman.  But the worst, most terrifying day each year of my youth was always the dreaded 1 mile run in gym class.  (The lights just flickered, lightning crashed, and I shuddered when I typed that).

I don’t have the official results, and perhaps I should track down the 1994 Gardiner Junior High physical education records, but I’m rather certain I can now run a 5k faster than my 8th grade mile time.  Yea, it was that bad.

Somewhere along the line I got sick of being called “Hasty Burger” (My last name is Hasty and I was fat, so that’s what the “cool kid’s” came up with) and decided to do something about it.

So I ran. Then, I ran some more.  I’m not going to pretend it wasn’t hard and lots of days it kind of sucked… but I stuck with it.  Slowly things started to change, my body adapted, my mind was clear, and eventually… I looked in the mirror and saw a runner.  And man, I freakin’ love being a runner… I ain’t ever goin’ back.  I guess thats what gets me out of bed, the Mizunos on my feet and out the door because when you are transformed into a runner, it’s just what you do, you run.  You trust in the power of the run that no matter how much it might hurt, how badly you wanted to sleep in, or how good those dang waffles look… you’ll feel better about your day, your life, and hey, the waffles will taste that much better after a few miles, I promise.

You will hear a lot from us about the “Transformative Power of Running” from Mizuno this year.  When I heard about this new idea, it resonated so deeply within me, I got goose bumps thinking about how anyone can literally transform their entire life… just by going for a run today.

It’s really that simple and I understand this might sound foolish to someone who has yet to experience a brilliant run, but a simple run today can absolutely transform your day, your week, your year or your life. 

We are being audacious enough this year to believe that if everybody ran, we could perhaps even transform the world.  One run was the catalyst to transform this overweight kid below, who could not even finish a mile… Into a marathoner who found himself, along with his passion and career, in the running industry.


So what could one run help transform for you? Or, how has running already transformed your life?  Let me know!
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