Inspired by Zero: What It Takes To Beat Breast Cancer

Because of research supported by Breast Cancer Research Foundation, we know breast cancer is not just one disease, and that every journey through breast cancer is unique. In order to beat breast cancer, BCRF funds the best minds in the field and encourages them to think outside of the box. Their research crosses the entire spectrum of cancer – from the most basic biology of a cancer cell to developing innovative new treatments and improving quality of life for patients during and after treatment.  
Metastatic Breast Cancer  

This year, nearly one-third of BCRF‘s grants (more than $18 million) are focused on metastatic (Stage IV) breast cancer. In addition, more than $30 million is dedicated to an international program in metastatic breast cancer research. Metastasis occurs when a tumor that originally forms in one organ spreads to another organ and forms a new tumor. Metastatic breast cancer is currently incurable and the leading cause of breast cancer deaths. 

New Treatments 

BCRF is committing over $18 million to research aimed at improving treatments for breast cancer patients. These studies address gaps in the management of breast cancer including why a treatment fails some patients and not others, why tumors become resistant to drugs, and discovering biomarkers that can match patients to the right therapy. 

Inherited Susceptibility  

Family history, genetics and race/ethnicity all contribute to an individual’s risk of breast cancer. BCRF is investing over $7 million in research in the causes of breast cancers that occur frequently in families or across ethnic groups.   

Early Detection and Diagnosis 

BCRF is committing more than $12 million to early detection and diagnosis research. These studies are advancing new technologies that will improve personalized screening and diagnosis to ensure that breast cancers are detected early and that patients receive the right treatment for their diagnosis. Studies are also focused on increasing access to life-saving screening for high-risk women. 


BCRF is committing more than $9 million to breast cancer prevention research. These projects are shedding new light on the underlying relationship between obesity and breast cancer risk, biomarkers in blood and tissue that can identify persons at risk, and much more. 


BCRF is committed to addressing the quality of life of breast cancer patients during and after treatment. This year, BCRF has committed over $4 million to studies in survivorship, examining common post-treatment issues including fatigue, cognitive changes, pain, and fear of recurrence. 

Breast Cancer Research Foundation is proud to partner with Mizuno and Fleet Feet this October on #projectzero. Together, our mission to support innovative research is helping to save lives across the globe, turning the one in eight women who will be diagnosed in her lifetime to zero in eight.
This year, Mizuno has designed a special-edition BCRF running shoe for Project Zero. Ten dollars from each shoe will go directly toward funding BCRF’s life-saving research. The running shoes, along with inspiring stories of survivors and supporters, are available at Fleet Feet stores nationwide or online at 


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Published: October 2018