New Brand Slogan Reinforces Commitment to Sports

Mizuno has revealed its new brand positioning – REACH BEYOND – to unite and express their long-held philosophy and belief in the power of sport worldwide. The new brand slogan embodies Mizuno’s passion, perseverance and pursuit to always go one step further than what is expected.

“With a company history of more than 110 years, Mizuno has evolved alongside athletes and has always worked to drive innovation in sport,” said Takeshi Shichijo, MIZUNO Corporation Managing Executive Officer of Global Brand Development. “In recent years, we have risen to the challenge of business beyond the sports scene. With a new brand slogan that embodies our DNA, we want to achieve a connection with people and help them lead richer lives. Mizuno promises to continue to be a brand that is committed to the power of sport, and working hand-in-hand with our customers.”

REACH BEYOND sets the tone for marketing and communications globally, placing particular emphasis around inclusivity of athletes, of all ages and skill levels, who are striving and achieving their goals, both on and off the playing field.

The brand video shows the depth of Mizuno’s dedication to sport through athletes, product engineers and team members around the world. Remaining at the forefront is our commitment to create superior sporting goods focused on improving athletes’ performance.


“Sports are what drives Mizuno, and knowing that the impact sports have goes beyond the playing field, from lessons learned to life-long relationships. Our passion, combined with our rich history of design and innovation, are the stories we aim to tell through the new brand positioning,” said Harper Cornell, Brand Marketing at Mizuno USA.

“Mizuno has led the way for innovation across many sports categories and we continue to push the limits. REACH BEYOND illustrates our true passion for sport and the inspiration driving us every day all around the world.”

Since 1906, Mizuno has been guided by its corporate philosophy of “contributing to society through the advancement of sporting goods and the promotion of sports.” The life lessons gained through sport are invaluable and play a crucial role in people’s lives, which is an important value to the Mizuno brand.

REACH BEYOND will replace previous positioning Never Settle, used primarily in U.S. and Canadian markets, and features additional content spotlighting individual sports categories, including running, tennis, football (U.S. soccer), swim and volleyball, through the end of the year. North American markets will start to see REACH BEYOND launch fully in early 2019.

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Published: November 2018