Seeking Greater Heights with MIZUNO ENERZY

While technology has made a substantial impact on our daily lives, it has changed the nature of sports in the process. It has opened the door to developing new innovative materials that make athletes more efficient and even safer. These latest advancements have allowed us to better understand athletes and how far we can push the limits to achieve even more. 

Mizuno’s passion for sports fuels its curiosity and is a source of inspiration when creating new products to take an athlete’s performance to greater heights.  

Since releasing its first pair of baseball cleats in 1910, footwear design and engineering has been a top focus for Mizuno, from the diamond to the track and indoor courts. While at times recognized more for its style and flair, choosing the right footwear is a critical component of an athlete’s performance.  

Over the past century, Mizuno has been constantly exploring new opportunities in footwear technology – seeking to enhance the performance of athletes through different materials, engineering, and designs. After more than two years spent in development, MIZUNO ENERZY emerged as one of the top premium performance materials allowing for greater energy return without sacrificing function needed for the sport at hand. 

“We are constantly researching and developing to improve the performance of athletes and MIZUNO ENERZY is a groundbreaking series of materials developed for that purpose. Complete with very soft and high rebound benefits, these materials bounce forever and allow for very little energy loss. Just after the first tests, it became clear that these are a next-level series of materials.’’  Akira Morita, MIZUNO ENERZY developer 


Let’s take an inside look at our newly advanced material, MIZUNO ENERZY. 

Where did the inspiration come from when developing MIZUNO ENERZY materials 

The inspiration for MIZUNO ENERZY came from watching our athletes train and observing the return on energy they were receivingFrom this, we knew we could offer them even more and ended up putting them through several tests to see how well their legs power would bounce back when running to help identify where improvements needed to be madeAt the end of the day, our goal is to help athletes who are looking to aim a little bit higher and that’s what these materials are all about.    

What design feature of MIZUNO ENERZY do you find the most exciting? 

The most exciting part about MIZUNO ENERZY is the range in which its able to function and contribute to different situations. To have materials that can hold their own out on the streets and maintain the same level of consistency on hardwood playing surfaces really shows the versatility these materials offer to not just athletes but their different sports as well.  

How will MIZUNO ENERZY benefit athletes across sports?  

MIZUNO ENERZY will give athletes the added boost to finish that last leg of their run or lift to block that last shot because of its ability to give back the energy they have put into itWhen we say these new materials are engineered to meet the demand of athletes and their sports, we mean it. We take pride in providing products like these as we know the impact it will have on athletes and the sport they have dedicated so much of their life and time towards.  

Illustrative of all the advantages found within these new midsole materials, THE MIZUNO ENERZY, a signature shoe, delivers the ultimate feeling of spring underfoot.   

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Published: July 1, 2020


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