Dominate Every Inning with Mizuno’s new Dominant Knit Cleats

Mizuno never shies away from stepping up to the plate when it comes to developing products for its athletes. While sports continue to pick back up, Mizuno has been hard at work developing the most premium performance products across all different skill levels.

No matter your age or talent level, finding the right cleat to fit your foot can be a challenge – until now!

Mizuno is excited to reveal an all-new line of baseball cleats – Dominant Knit. These new cleats are designed to provide both a stylish look and a comfortable, natural fit for all different foot types.

Mizuno, known for reaching beyond, once again proved why as a brand it remains at the forefront of sports innovation, as for the first time in product history, Mizuno baseball cleats will feature a full knit upper available in four new models.

The four Dominant Knit models include:


  • Mizuno Pro Dominant Knit:
  • Mizuno Dominant Knit
  • Mizuno Pro Dominant Knit TPU
  • Mizuno Dominant AS Knit


Out of the four new models, Mizuno Pro Dominant Knit, Mizuno Dominant Knit, and Mizuno Pro Dominant TPU will feature an all-new rib construction of the Mizuno C-Flex Outsole. This outsole combines enhanced stability, flexibility, and increased traction while designed to reduce stud pressure to provide superior comfort. These cleats are the perfect option to turn to and depend on to last throughout the game and even into extra innings without putting a strain on your feet.

The last model in the new Dominant Knit line, the Mizuno Dominant AS Knit, is considered a TRUE all-surface shoe designed to maximize performance on real grass, artificial turf, and all common indoor surfaces. This particular model in the Dominant Knit line features a unique high, dense, multi-directional stud configuration for playing on a full spectrum of surfaces making it one of the most versatile shoes in baseball today.

With Mizuno’s new Dominant Knit cleats, ballplayers will be ready to light up the diamond every inning with superior grip and speed.

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Published: September 2020

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