Empowering Women Through Communities That Run

Written by: Jewels MacPherson-Zorro, Midnight Runners Toronto Captain



Running alone can be empowering, but running with a supportive community can be life-changing.

As a woman, I know how intimidating it can be to start running. It’s not just the physical challenge of running that can be daunting, but also that fear of running alone. The media and non-runners often advise women on what NOT to do on the run to feel safe, but even then, we can still feel vulnerable.

According to a 2021 Runner’s World survey, 60% of women have experienced harassment while running. Despite these troubling statistics, running has become my go-to activity for my mental and physical well-being. It’s an hour or so to be free, think, let go of stress and anxiety, and reset my mind with some feel-good hormones. I’ve run alone for most of my life, and I would see running clubs pass me by downtown, wondering if I’d ever be good enough to join them. But let me tell you, it’s not about being good enough, it’s about finding a supportive community that fits you and your lifestyle, one that can help you achieve your goals and be there for you at each step.

I know that as a woman, it’s essential to have a community, one that empowers you to be your best self, especially when it comes to running. Having someone cheering you on as you’re about to give up. But in a city like Toronto, finding your place can be hard and easy to feel alone.

That’s where Midnight Runners Toronto comes in. Midnight Runners, powered by Mizuno, empowers women to run together and celebrate the collective strength of women in sports. When I first joined Midnight Runners Toronto, I was struck by how friendly and inclusive everyone was. There was no judgment, no pressure to run a certain pace, and no competition. It was just a group of like-minded individuals who wanted to share the joy of running and the benefits of being part of a supportive community.

3 years later, I’m now a Midnight Runners Captain. Our volunteer-based community strives to create accessible, safe, social workouts in Toronto and across the globe. We aim to bridge the gap between enjoying your workout and hanging out with your friends. Being part of Midnight Runners Toronto has become a lifestyle for me, and the community has become a second family, and the bonds I’ve created with the women of this community will last a lifetime. Together, we inspire each other to run like a girl, fast or slow, all while we conquer new challenges on and off the pavement.

If you’ve ever felt intimidated by running clubs or looking to find your tribe, I encourage you to try Midnight Runners Toronto. You might be surprised by how welcoming and inclusive the community is. Running alone can be empowering, but running with a supportive group can be life-changing.

Join the Midnight Runners Toronto community– Never Just Running

Midnight Runners Toronto is powered by Mizuno Running Canada, and by supporting the Midnight Runners’ activities, Mizuno aims to spread the joy of running and connect people around the world– “All runners. All runs.”

Mizuno has recently announced its collaboration with Roxy, which resulted in the new Mizuno Wave Rider 26 Roxy. We love that the shoe is designed specifically for women, with features like a wider forefoot and a softer heel counter for a comfortable and supportive fit.

Roxy is a brand that embodies the beach culture and active lifestyles that we know so many of our Midnight Runners love. So I was thrilled to see Mizuno partnering with a brand that is all about positivity and female empowerment.

This collaboration is a great example of what can happen when two brands come together with a shared vision. We’re proud to be sponsored by Mizuno and to be a part of a greater community that encourages all women to reach beyond their limits.

So ladies, grab the sports bra, lace up your sneakers and let’s hit the road with confidence.

Join the Midnight Runners Toronto community– Never Just Running

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