Massage for Runners

Who doesn’t like a nice, relaxing massage? Not only can a massage relieve stress and tension, it can do wonders for a runner’s body. You won’t find the massage I’m talking about at a spa for relaxation. This massage has a purpose – to reveal your body’s running and life-induced tensions. Sarah MacLeod is a both an ultra-distance runner and registered massage therapist, and credits her ability to withstand multi-day racing by being in touch with her body and understanding what it needs. So how can massage help you prevent running injuries?

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Q&A With Mizuno Brand Ambassador, Dayna Pidhoresky

2012 has been a tough year for you, injury-wise. What have you been dealing with?

Initially I was diagnosed with a sacral stress fracture. After that had healed up (within 6-8 weeks) I was dealing with a lot of soft tissue inflammation in my shins, making it near impossible to run without limping.

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Towing The Kids

Innocent to the ways of parenthood I volunteered this week to go on a ski adventure with my friend, Lainey. She is a beginner skier so I thought I’d be able to give her a few technique tips, tow her kids in a chariot, and have a nice outing to a local ski area. We set our goal as Hale Hut – approximately 8.5 km worth of skiing.

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No More Excuses

It’s mid-December and the weather sucks.

You just ate a whole batch of holiday cookies.

It’s too dark in the morning, oh… and also in the evening.

You had another cookie.

You HAVE GOT to find that last minute perfect gift!

Oh, did somebody make fudge?

My wife is under the mistletoe…

Two words: EGG NOG.

Running will be your 2013 New Year’s resolution…

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