TREAD TALKS: Runner’s World Spring 2018 Shoe Review

Mizuno Running

Reviews.  They’re a big deal.  I find myself utilizing peer reviews for practically everything I buy.  Restaurants.  Power tools.  Baby cribs.  Grass seed. RUNNING SHOES.  This month, Runner’s World released their Spring Shoe Review.  Let’s see how we fared. Wave Inspire 14 “There’s no doubt our testers noticed the superior stability, but they also gushed over the comfort, fit, and

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TREAD TALKS: Introducing the New Wave Inspire 14

Welcome to “Tread Talks” – an essential and reliable blog series that will run you through the latest upgrades in our premium running shoes. Before you continue reading, you must know that this is not your average technical shoe blog. We’re skipping the confusing shoe jargon and excessive tech specs, and we’re putting it into layman’s terms with a whimsical

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What gear does a new runner REALLY need?

By: Mizuno Athlete Lindsay Flanagan   Last week, as I was exploring my new hometown in DC, I came across a local running store and decided to pop in and browse; how could I pass up a shop with the Mizuno logo printed on the door? Upon entering, I was immediately bombarded with huge displays of GPS watches, heart rate

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