Training at home can have its highs and lows but, sometimes a change of pace or exercise is all you need to keep the energy flowing and motivation strong.
Chelsea and Mel of hiitit.ca, a fitness duo based in Canada, share quick and easy exercises designed to shape your entire body. This 24 minute HIIT workout is easy to do with no equipment required!

For the first set, watch below to see how they incorporate leg lifts, the triple step, and push-ups into just 4 minutes!

For the second set, add in curtsy lunges, tricep dips, and side planks.

After you have finished both sets, repeat two more times for a complete 24-minute workout.

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Chelsea & Mel, H.I.I.T. IT Canada Duo

Chelsea and Mel have always been committed to being healthy and fit, but in more recent years have found it a challenge to be active and work out on a daily basis. After trying gyms, home gyms, childcare, running, cycling with kids, they both turned to HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) exercise. Check out their page here.

Updated: March 2020


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