Training for your next race can have highs and lows, and sometimes a change of pace or exercises is all you need to keep the energy flowing and motivation strong.

Chelsea and Mel of hiitit.ca, a fitness duo based in Canada, share quick and easy exercises designed to shape your entire body. Even better, no equipment is required!

This month, the duo share a whole body workout. Watch below to see how they incorporate leg lifts, the triple step, and push-ups into just 4 minutes!

Chelsea & Mel, H.I.I.T. IT Canada Duo

Chelsea and Mel have always been committed to being healthy and fit, but in more recent years have found it a challenge to be active and work out on a daily basis. After trying gyms, home gyms, childcare, running, cycling with kids, they both turned to HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) exercise. Check out their page here.

Published: February 2019

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