Mizuno Golf: How to Hit the Stinger

Mizuno Golf wants to know! What’s your go-to shot?  Is it a soft cut with a 7 iron, or is it a high draw to a tucked pin?  Well, what if you step to the tee with a 20 mph wind in your face…then what?  Let us suggest the stinger.

The stinger is synonymous with a particular player that once upon a time won a green jacket with Mizuno irons.  The stinger has always been his go-to shot whether the conditions were tough, or the tournament was on the line.  If it has worked so well for him, then why wouldn’t you add it to your skillset?

The stinger has traditionally been known as a knockdown, which is a shot played with a lower trajectory created by reduced spin.  A knockdown can truthfully be played with any club, but a stinger is played almost exclusively with a long iron off the tee.  If played correctly, you can achieve a desired distance and control in the toughest of conditions.

Here to explain the proper techniques on how to hit the stinger is Mizuno Golf Ambassador, Fredrik Lindblom.



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Published: May 2020

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