At-Home Drills with Mizuno Golf Ambassador, Hannah Gregg

Since golf courses and long-range sessions aren’t an option right now, it’s important to find ways to keep your game sharp from home. Sometimes, hitting into a net can actually be positive – you can work on things in your swing without worrying about the direction or the outcome of the shot. Here to walk you through a few at-home drills is Mizuno Golf Ambassador, Hannah Gregg.

This speed drill is a great way to find the tempo that you want to swing with.


  • Start out by swinging at 70%-80% of your usual swing capacity.
  • Then move into your normal swing, feeling the differences in tempo and speed from the last.
  • Finally, start the third set of swings where you swing as hard as you can, with as much speed as possible.
After doing this drill a few times, you’ll notice several things. There may be a tempo that you prefer to swing with, whether slower or faster than your normal swing. Take note of that! You may also notice that your “level 3 swing” or your fastest swing is getting faster. This is great because having an extra gear that you can tap into is essential if you want to hit bombs.

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Hannah Gregg, Mizuno Golf Ambassador

Hannah is a golfer from Auburn, CA. After picking up the sport just before high school, she went on to receive a scholarship to play collegiate golf at Sonoma State. With 2 years under her belt at SSU, she transferred and received a scholarship to play at The University of Nevada, Reno. She studied Communications and after finished her college golf career in 2018. This was followed by LPGA Qualifying School in 2019, giving her conditional status on the Symetra for 2020. She will be supplementing her tournament schedule with tournaments on the WAPT and attending LPGA Qualifying School again in 2020.


Published: May 2020

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