Ronda Rousey’s Go-To At-Home Workout Tip

Working out and training today is much different than a mere few months ago. Access to equipment and facilities is challenging, and for some, not the best option given the risk factors. Consistency and regular activity are key when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and training regime. Your workouts may not include high weights like before, however, frequency and quantity can help maintain progress for when the time comes again.

Over the past couple of months, Mizuno Athletes, like April Ross, Blake Pieroni, and Samantha Show, have helped keep us motivated with a glimpse of their at-home workouts and sharing how they are keeping their training up.

Next up, on the Mizuno roster is, Ronda Rousey, who shares one of her go-to tips to keep active when at-home.


Q: The pandemic has changed the way Americans viewed their regular activities. How have you and your family managed the experience so far?

Ronda: This may or may not seem likely to some, but I am a hardcore “prepper.” Admittedly, I have been preparing for a moment like this for several years now and have been working towards creating a 100% sustainable home. Like everyone else, the slowdown has given us time to dig into those projects that have been on the list to do. It’s been a rewarding, challenging and creative process to tackle.

Q: Athletes across the U.S. and globe have been challenged to find ways to keep active while socially distant. What has been your go-to workout for the past couple of months?

Ronda: Those days of training are still fresh in my mind. I remember the extra sets of push-ups, laps, or lunges I’d squeeze in to keep ahead of my competition. The time we are in now is tough, yet it can also be an opportunity to be creative. I’ve dug back in the archives to exercises my mom would make me do – incidental exercises. Because I am limited on equipment or maybe even time, I work activity movements into my regular routine. Every action throughout the day has an exercise attached to it.

  • 10 push-ups every time you use the restroom
  • Abs (bicycles, sit-ups, you name it) every time a TV commercial comes on
  • Run the stairs 2x every time you have to go up or down
  • Lunge to the next room, down the hallway or add to your walk around the neighborhood
  • 25 jumping jacks or mountain climbers before every meal
  • 60-second plank after every meal

These seem small at the moment but you’ll find they add up quickly throughout the day.

Q: What advice would you give an athlete right now, as they are challenged to train for their next “big moment”?

Ronda: Find ways to be creative with your workout session. One of the hardest workouts I ever was given used only 1 lb. & 2 lb. dumbbells. Work with what you have, and use it to your advantage. Keeping active in whatever ways you can, even if not at the same intensity as before the pandemic began is better than not doing anything at all.

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Published: May 2020