MIZUNO ENERZY Technology Launches in Running Footwear Collections

Mizuno is staying hot this summer with two exciting new running shoe releases. The newest addition to the Mizuno Wave Rider family, the Wave Rider 24, was the first running shoe to include the new innovative midsole technology, MIZUNO ENERZY. Mizuno isn’t stopping there. Today, the Wave Sky Series added a new shoe to its line, the Wave Sky 4 WAVEKNIT™. This will be the second running shoe release from Mizuno to include MIZUNO ENERZY.

Mizuno aims to give runners everything they need to REACH BEYOND and achieve their goals, which is evident in the release of these two new running shoes. Both models were designed with exciting new features and upgrades, giving runners no excuse but to get out there and run to experience the difference right under their own feet!



Thanks to MIZUNO ENERZY, the 24th edition of the iconic Wave Rider will provide runners with one of the softest running shoes Mizuno has ever offered in this series.

Runners will also notice the increased amount of “responsiveness” in the Wave Rider 24, as the new midsole material harnesses more of that energy generated on impact and delivers it back to the runner between each stride. Ultimately, it allows runners to go longer distances while experiencing less fatigue! (Your feet will thank you later for it too!)

The updates made to the Wave Rider 24 include:
  • New lightweight engineered mesh
  • Enhanced MIZUNO WAVE® Plate
  • 3D RunBird logo
  • WAVEKNIT™ option and new colorways



The Wave Sky 4 WAVEKNIT™ was designed with the purpose of improving the shoe’s overall smoothness while continuing to remain consistent on the fit and ride that previous wearers have grown so accustomed to feeling in the previous version.

Now, with the combination of XPOP and MIZUNO ENERZY, as soon as runners lace up the Wave Sky 4 WAVEKNIT™ on their feet, they will be ready to hit the road running faster and longer than ever before. Runners who desire consistency in their shoes will find a home in this new addition to the Wave Sky Series.

The Wave Sky 4 WAVEKNIT™ features:
  • MIZUNO ENERZY (FOAM) bottom midsole
  • Updated Lacing System
  • 3D RunBird logo
  • XPOP

So how do you know which shoe is right for you? Here are a couple of differences in these coveted collections from Mizuno:

  • The Wave Rider Series offers a lighter and more neutral shoe, providing for a speedier feeling while maintaining a high level of comfort and durability that is ideal for almost any kind of run.
  • The Wave Sky Series offers a softer ride and is the perfect shoe for those who are looking to go on longer runs, as it will reassure runners with a more comfortable and consistent fit.

We can’t wait to hear about your experience in our latest and greatest premium performance running shoes. Be sure to share with us on social @MizunoRunningNorthAmerica.

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Published: August 2020

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