September Inspiration: Running for Alzheimer’s Awareness

After graduating college, I ran a handful of half marathons from 2009-2015 to lose weight and stay in shape. After every half marathon I completed, I’d always think to myself: you have to be CRAZY to run 13.1 more miles to finish a marathon. It was always a far-fetched dream for me to run the NYC Marathon, but I thought

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April Inspiration: Meet Allie

Allison Konderwich is your average 28-year-old.  She’s a newlywed and first-time homeowner.  She works full-time in higher education and part-time at her local Fleet Feet in Albany, NY.  She enjoys spending time with her husband Mike, their puppy, Scout, and her family and friends.  What sets Allie apart is her love for the marathon and her dedication to the sport. 

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TREAD TALKS: Runner’s World Spring 2018 Shoe Review

Mizuno Running

Reviews.  They’re a big deal.  I find myself utilizing peer reviews for practically everything I buy.  Restaurants.  Power tools.  Baby cribs.  Grass seed. RUNNING SHOES.  This month, Runner’s World released their Spring Shoe Review.  Let’s see how we fared. Wave Inspire 14 “There’s no doubt our testers noticed the superior stability, but they also gushed over the comfort, fit, and

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