Eating Healthy While Dining Out

Healthy Dinner

Eating out can be a challenge when you’re moving towards a healthy lifestyle. Large portions and lack of control over ingredients and preparation methods can easily lead to taking in more calories, saturated fat and sugar than you need. But, it is possible to enjoy eating healthy while eating out without sacrificing your long-term health goals. Read on for some

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Check In On Your Eating Habits for National Nutrition Month


Your food choices throughout the week have a big impact on your health, energy levels, mood, body composition and so much more. With March being National Nutrition Month, it’s the perfect time of year to check in with your eating habits and make sure they’re supporting your goals! When it comes to nutrition, there is a seemingly endless supply of

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Nutrition 101 For Runners: What to Eat Before, During & After

Fueling properly for running helps you make the most of your miles. But of course, good nutrition is about so much more than just what you eat before, during and after exercise. Your food choices throughout your day impact your training, energy levels, body composition and overall health.

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Recover From Your Long Run

Author: FitFluential Published: October 28, 2016 For those of us committed to getting the most out of our workouts, diet plays an important role. Whether you run on occasion or are training for your 5th marathon, you can increase your performance through nutrition. Who doesn’t love a good smoothie? Post run it’s a refreshing and satisfying snack or meal while

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