Tips for the Traveling Runner

Guest Post By: STUFTmama


Traveling isn’t always easy and it definitely isn’t easy for those of us that want to make running a priority while we’re there to find the time to make it happen. We have to pack extra things and try to find a little time to get a run in while we can. Whether it’s a trip for a race, a working trip or even a family vacation (or an occasional girl’s weekend) there are a few go-to items that always hit the road (or the air) with me.

Obviously it’s harder when you’re traveling for work or for a family vacation to try to find the time to fit in running, but at the same time it really helps get the day going or to see new places you might have not gotten out to see if it wasn’t for your running shoes and getting out that hotel door.

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If I’m traveling to a new place I always do some research first. I check to see if there’s a gym at the hotel or wherever I’m staying. The treadmill at the hotel gym is always a last resort, but sometimes the only option if you only get a little time early in the morning or at night or if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

I also like to search around and see if there’s any running paths or sights to see. If it’s somewhere I’ve never been and I don’t know that much about the area I make sure to really do some research on safety, etc. and ask people at the hotel about good places to run or if there are good running paths nearby. Usually all hotel websites and just a simple Google search of running routes in the area will do the trick beforehand, but I always ask once I get to my destination also.

On many occasions I’ve been so thankful for running while traveling because it not only helped kick the day off on the right track, but I got to see and explore some of the area that I wouldn’t have gotten to. Just this past summer while in Atlanta with Mizuno for the Peachtree Road Race, I saw a lot of additional sights on foot while running 8 miles around the city my last day there. It was like my own little personal tour. On another family trip this past summer to Mammoth I took advantage of some altitude training and ran while the family biked by my side on some shorts paths through the mountains. It was a win win for everyone involved.

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No matter where I’m going I always have a few of my running necessities with me.


I have at least one pair of running shoes (two if I’m racing or planning on running indoors and outdoors), compression socks (to wear running and on the plane to help with blood flow, cramping and circulation), earphones, a visor or hat (sunglasses and sunscreen too, but they didn’t make the picture) and a running belt to carry my phone with my GPS and map. I always carry my phone when running in a new area just in case of emergencies and so I know where I am.


You know I also just have to say that even if you’re not a runner and you just enjoy a good long walk, keep the same things in mind. All you need is a pair of good shoes and the world is yours. Exploring the world on foot is the best. It’s my favorite way to discover new things and it’s always best when you can convince a partner or two to lace up with you.


Kristin--Blogger-PhotoKristin (STUFTmama) is a 3:17 marathoner who has completed 19 full marathons. She is an ACE-certified group fitness instructor, personal trainer and physical education teacher. Her five-year-old twin boys keep her busy and she blogs over at