Why You Should Run With Others

Guest Post By: BackatSquareZero


There is something to be said about the solitude and peace that can be found in running alone, heck a lot of my best thinking and planning is done on solo runs; however, running with others has lots of benefits.  Because of all the pros of running with others it is important to work group runs, or runs with a running buddy, into your schedule.

Here are my top four reasons why you should run with others:
1. accountability –
If you know there are people there waiting on you the chance of you skipping your run, or hitting snooze for the third time, drops dramatically.  Running with others holds you accountable and is the easiest way to make sure you get out the door.
(I got up at 5:something for 14 sweaty miles for these two, but know if I was running alone I would have been in bed until at least 7:00 and then suffered through the August heat.)


2. pace – Running with others naturally inspires us to push the pace a bit.  Instead of falling into our routine pace we seem to take it up a notch to keep up with others around us, or even to compete with others around us.  This means you get a quality workout in.

3. mileage – When you run on your own it is easy to cut your run short or stop and walk just because you are feeling unmotivated.  However, when you are running with a group it is hard to stop your run early.  What are you going to say when they ask if you are okay?  “I just don’t want to run.”  This definitely motivates you to keep going until the end.

4. socialization – Probably the best feature of running with a group or a run buddy – getting to socialize with other runners.  It is so nice to talk to people who actually want to talk about running and who share similar experiences as you.  This can be a great way to make new friends and it makes the time pass much faster during the run.

So, get out there and find a running group or a running buddy.  I highly suggest checking in with local running stores to get started as many of them offer free group runs throughout the week.


abbyAbby is a formerly overweight couch potato who started running to get healthier and was shocked when she fell in love with the sport, the feeling, the people, all of it.  She talks to strangers on race courses, runs to the side to high five cute kids, and is the person who sticks her entire hand into the community candy bowl at mile 20 of the marathon course.  Abby blogs about her journey to live healthier, become a better runner, and lose the weight at BackatSquareZero.  Also, find her on Twitter(and Instagram) as @BackatSquare0.