Top 5 Reasons Holiday Running Rocks

Guest Post By: BackatSquare0


1. Burn off the bird – turkey trot Or the ham, or the Christmas cookies, or the…  It is no secret that we eat a lot more over the holidays with treats coming at us from all directions at work, at home, at holiday parties, it seems there is no escape.  Allow yourself to indulge a bit by keeping up your mileage throughout the holiday season.  Then you won’t feel guilty reaching for another one of mom’s famous cookies.

2. Get outside –
As the weather gets colder we tend to spend more and more of our free time inside.  Running gives you a reason to get outdoors.  It may be chilly, but bundle up and go for it.  In the end you’ll be glad you found an excuse to get outside and get some fresh air.

3. Counteract holiday stress –
The holidays can be a hectic time with numerous additional parties and events plus trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on the list and have it delivered in time, not to mention all the decorating and baking that comes along with it.  No wonder some people find the holiday season a little bit stressful.  One of the best, free, healthy ways to ward off extra holiday stress is too stay active.  Be sure to schedule in your runs and stick to them even when things get busy.  Then, when Grandma starts asking about your political views you’ll be very happy that morning run gave you a bit of extra happiness and patience.

4. Stay in shape –
As the weather gets colder and we get busier it is easy to fall out of your running routines.  However, then when spring comes and training kicks back up full force you really regret it.  By running through the holidays you can stay in great shape so that you’ll be ready for you next training cycle or next race.

5. Enjoy the décor – lights-run Perhaps my favorite reason to run during the holidays – all the decorations.  I love going on light runs through different neighborhoods to check out what everyone did to their houses.  Hit up different areas on different nights to switch things up a bit.  My record last year was a house with 11 holiday inflatables in the front yard, see if you can find one that has even more!








abby Abby is a formerly overweight couch potato who started running to get healthier and was shocked when she fell in love with the sport, the feeling, the people, all of it.  She talks to strangers on race courses, runs to the side to high five cute kids, and is the person who sticks her entire hand into the community candy bowl at mile 20 of the marathon course.  Abby blogs about her journey to live healthier, become a better runner, and lose the weight at BackatSquareZero.  Also, find her on Twitter(and Instagram) as @BackatSquare0.