Custom Fitting 101: The Appointment

 In the second part of this series Bill Price, Director of Custom Fitting at Mizuno USA, walks us through the process of a custom fitting appointment.

How do you set up a club fitting appointment? 

FInd the fitters in your area and research them. Club fitting is an art and science. It’s important to work with someone who knows what they are talking about. Find a Swing DNA center in your area here.

How do you prepare for your club fitting appointment?

  • Plan out questions you want to ask the fitter. This will determine how knowledgeable they are off the bat.
  • Bring your old set of clubs with you. This will help the fitter evaluate what you are used to.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. You are going to be swinging a golf club!
  • Plan to share what sports you have played in the past and any physical limitations you may have.

What is a club fitting appointment like?

  • Whether you are male or female or junior, the first thing they are going to do is an interview and ask about your expectations and goals.
  • Now they are going to select a certain model. It could be more forgiving, more balanced or more demanding based on your level. They will talk through this with you.  
  • Then they will do some testing. They are going to evaluate the proper length and shaft with our shaft optimizer, proper lie angle and grip size.
    • Ex: If you have long fingernails, you need a longer grip.
  • They are also evaluating your height. They will be measuring your posture, arm length, and height with a ruler.
    • Ex: If you have longer arms, you need longer golf clubs.
  • Afterward, they will put everything together and recommend a set to you. You can then choose to order it that day or take your specs home and order later.

How do you determine your set makeup?

The driver is the longest golf club and the sand wedge is the shortest club and everywhere between is a half inch difference. How you determine your set make-up is based on your club head swing. If you have low club head swing, you need higher lofted golf swings and you need to hit hybrids. If you do have a high club speed, you can hit with lower lofts.

Fun Fact: If someone has a lot of head covers, the assumption we can make is that they hit with a low club head speed.  As your clubhead swing increases, head covers go away.

How can you quantify if custom fitting has improved my game? 

It’s hard to quantify but remember this. If you want to learn this game of golf, you need to do three things.

  1. Get someone to evaluate your swing
  2. Get golf clubs that match you
  3. Practice and Play

People don’t give up when they see the results. If they don’t see those results they give up. Keep practicing and don’t give up.

We hope to see you at one of our club fitting locations soon!

Have you been fitted recently? Share your club fitting experience @MizunoGolfNA.

Published: November 2018