Training Just Got More Innovative with Mizuno’s New TF Series

Training has always been an integral part of any athlete’s routine in preparation for their sport or daily activity. Depending on the sport, training varies greatly. When Mizuno first got into the category of training, the performance research and scientific data all pointed towards balance as a key factor in effective training across all sports.
While that notion remains true to this day, Mizuno has added an entirely new element to its training category with a new iteration of training shoes, called the TF Series. The TF will allow athletes to complement their previous training programs with new speed and agility workouts designed to continue enhancing their performance capabilities.

Mizuno’s TC series was the first introduction in the training footwear category for Mizuno. The TC series training shoes were built to provide a stable upper for comfort and stability that were perfectly suited for lifting and functional movements while training indoors.

After being launched last year, Mizuno heard the feedback athletes had on the shoe and went back to the drawing board to introduce a whole new training series, the TF series.

The TF serves as Mizuno’s second footwear innovation in the Training Category, as it will utilize Mizuno C.O.B (Center of Balance) technology coupled with a sharper bottomed outsole to generate increased levels of speed and agility. The new and improved TF iteration will allow athletes to expand on their training regimens with more outdoor cardio and short distance running exercises.

As now, with the new iteration of the TF, athletes can complement their time spent in the weight room with workouts designed to enhance not only their speed but their agility as well. In return, allowing them to build on their foot speed, quickness, and ability to switch directions faster, taking their performance to even greater heights.

By incorporating more speed and agility training in the TF, athletes will have more trust in their body to deliver the skills they have developed when they need it the most, which will help reduce the potential for injury and other setbacks that will keep them away from their sport or activity.

Today, athletes recognize the importance behind training and how vital it is to prepare your body physically and mentally for what lies ahead. Take it from Ronda Rousey, the Baddest Woman on the Planet, and an ambassador for Mizuno’s training category. Her intensity and desire for constant improvement through her training programs are what allowed her to become the first female UFC Champion and an inspiration to women all over the world.

Mizuno is constantly working with athletes to help them improve their performance and REACH BEYOND their training goals. This is why Mizuno is so enthusiastic about introducing the new TF Series, which will provide athletes with the added benefits they need to take the next step towards reaching that new PR they have been striving towards all along.

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Published: August 2020

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