Mizuno Swim Introduces New Colorway for the GX-Sonic V

Every swimmer needs a classic black swimsuit to add to their collection and that’s exactly what we have delivered. Mizuno’s racing tech suit, GX-Sonic V, engineered for high speeds takes on a new look for the series, a black colorway, known as the “Mizuno suit.”

The Mizuno Suit will now be offered in two different color options, black and blue, serving as the perfect suit for swimmers seeking top performances amongst their competition.

The design of the Mizuno Suit is based on the “flat swimming” concept, which helps maintain a flat streamlined posture through the entire kick cycle by providing support to the lower half of the body. The taping structure technology, SONIC LINE DESIGN-X*3, can be found in both the men’s and women’s versions of the GX-Sonic V and used to encourage a tighter, more streamlined posture resulting in less drag and more efficiency. The difference in the women’s GX-Sonic V is that the technology is extended through the upper torso and lower thigh area to provide added support to the core to further enhance the performance benefit to the female swimmer.*4

“The GX-Sonic V is the best Mizuno suit to date,” said Blake Pieroni, Olympian and Mizuno Athlete. “I’m really excited to see Mizuno launch the black color in the US. The design is sleek and the technology makes the suit extremely fast. I can’t wait to wear this suit in competition.”

The GX Sonic V’s also features Sonic Light Ribtex UW*5, a technology that is designed to increase water repellency and reduce water friction. The material prevents water from penetrating the suit’s fabric resulting in higher body position and opportunity for propulsion-efficient swimming with minimum resistance. Compared to the previous model, Sonic Light Ribtex UW reduces weight in the water by 20%.


*3 Posture support structure with high-tension material distributed in a cross from the waist on the back of the thigh to the middle of the thigh.

*4 Patent-pending as of November 19th, 2019 on the cross-shape support structure for the abdominal area.

*5 Patent-pending as of November 20th, 2019, on the technology to prevent water penetration into the swimsuit’s fabric.

Watch below to see an explanation of Flat Swim technology.

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Published: August 2020


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