Mizuno Unveils Training Shoe With MIZUNO ENERZY Technology

Driven by its passion for sports, Mizuno has unveiled its newest training shoe which incorporates the innovative midsole technology, MIZUNO ENERZY. The Mizuno Wave Revolt, the third training shoe launched by Mizuno in 2020, is the latest expression of Mizuno’s footwear design and engineering. 

In working with athletes and trainers around the world, Mizuno identified that during training – the period of an athlete’s routine in which they improve their abilities and strength – Mizuno had an opportunity to create a new line of shoes to help those athletes achieve their goals.  

The Wave Revolt incorporates MIZUNO ENERZY, Mizuno’s newest midsole technology. MIZUNO ENERZY foam generates greater return energy when the shoe impacts the ground, creating more bounce and spring with each step. 


The technology featured in the Wave Revolt includes: 


  • MIZUNO ENERZY, providing greater return energy 
  • AIRMesh upper construction, providing a soft fit and breathability 
  • FoamWave, providing stability and cushioning   


Mizuno Training’s newest shoe is now available in both white and black for both women and men. 


The Wave Revolt joins Mizuno’s two other innovative training footwear collections, the TC-Series and TF-Series. Both the TF-Series and TC-Series of shoes benefit from Mizuno’s Center of Balance (COB) technology. After working with trainers across a spectrum of sports, Mizuno identified that the most important element in training for improving an athlete’s performance is balance.  

The TF-01 and TF-02 shoes are geared towards all-around training, as well as speed and agility workouts. Sophisticated details include MIZUNO COB Technology, an external heel counter for an excellent foothold, and either a woven mesh upper or 2-layered upper mesh construction for fit and comfort. 

For stability and strength training, the TC-01 and TC-02 benefit from MIZUNO COB technology for improvement in balance, while knit or mesh upper construction provides a comfortable fit. The comfort and performance of the TC-01 led to it being included in the 2019 Men’s Health Sneaker Awards in the Cross-Training category.  

Having identified that strength is derived from balance, Mizuno created COB technology, which features sensor pod clusters in the shoe soles. These pods enable increased feedback from the feet, which aids balance and balance and allows the athlete to pursue improved athletic performance. Testing conducted by Biomechanics Sport & Health Research at the University of Calgary confirmed the technology as test results showed a significant increase in foot sensitivity, as well as improvements in the balance capabilities and reaction time by athletes using footwear with MIZUNO COB Technology.  

Experience all the benefits of Mizuno’s Training footwear now available at mizunousa.com.

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Published: October 2020

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