Happy New Year From April Ross to All of Us

With the turn of the new year our Mizuno Volleyball athlete, April Ross, wanted to send you all a note of encouragement!

Hey Mizuno Family!

Last year was full of ups and downs, starts and stops for all of us, especially in the sports world. However, we have to remember through all of it there’s always something to be learned. I took time to dive into nutrition, mindfulness, and some creative workouts to help me improve when I couldn’t train regularly. But mainly last year taught me to be really present and reminded me to cherish every day that I get to spend with my team playing this awesome sport! And as easy as it can be to get discouraged when things out of our control affect us negatively if we focus on what we can control – our effort level, our attitudes, and our optimism- we’ll get through challenges the best and quickest way we can!
Controlling the controllable and putting actionable steps in place (carving out time for homework, better recovery, extra conditioning, meditation?) is a great way to stay disciplined, prepared, and confident!
Confidence is a driving force for me and has played a tremendous role in my career. For me, I have learned that creating drives confidence inside of me. One of the ways I have been able to create is in my line with Mizuno. This line reflects me and my style and energy. I created my logo with my sister, which you can see on all the pieces and most of my favorite colors are incorporated in the line as well. I am honored when I see you all sporting my gear! Hopefully, when you put it on, you feel and channel my intensity, competitiveness, and love for the game, and go out there to leave it all on the court!
I love the moments with you all at tournaments when we get to interact and I look forward to sharing those moments again someday soon!
Until then, stay safe and keep your mind right!


Stay connected with April on Instagram at @aprilrossbeach.

Published: January 2021

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