Running On Waves

I love my Mizunos. It was about three years ago when I wore my first pair of Mizunos, and since then, my shoe rack has been filled with the fun and bright colors of Mizuno trainers and racing shoes that could only be outshined by my husband, Jason’s, shoe rack of Mizunos, because he wears bigger shoes than me. As runners, our shoes are the most essential pair of equipment, and runners usually become very keen to what shoes work best for them and will get them through each step of their training run with the smoothest landing and most powerful push off.

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The Planet Wave: Run Free (Toss Your GPS, iPod and HRM)

One of the aspects of running that I like the most is its simplicity. All I need are shorts and shoes and I’m good to go. Nothing else is needed.

That’s why I rebel at all the extraneous gadgets that now litter our sport. I don’t have anything against running with a (choose one) GPS, iPod, heart rate monitor or any other doodad, but they just aren’t for me. Nor is utilizing MapMyRun a necessity to see how far I went and I don’t feel the need to go to my computer to log my run.

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Embracing the Pressure

I was recently interviewed by a newspaper, and one particular question has resonated with me ever since. It really made me stop and think. The question went something like this: “Do you feel more pressure now that you are among one of the fastest female American marathoners? If so, how do you handle that pressure?” Well, okay, that’s technically two questions, but you get the gist.

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