TREAD TALKS: Introducing the New Wave Inspire 14

Welcome to “Tread Talks” – an essential and reliable blog series that will run you through the latest upgrades in our premium running shoes. Before you continue reading, you must know that this is not your average technical shoe blog. We’re skipping the confusing shoe jargon and excessive tech specs, and we’re putting it into layman’s terms with a whimsical twist for those of you who “don’t know anything about running shoes.” For those of you who identify with the shoe geek population, prepare yourself for a chuckle; if you’re short on time, scroll to the bottom for a brief list of updates. Enjoy and be sure to tune in next month!


You know that feeling when you get a new haircut and you feel like a newer, more attractive, happier person?  If I can imagine what that feels like for you, then you can imagine what it feels like for me going from my previous 13th model to the 14th. Let me tell you about it!

For starters, I got a new “last.”  This upgrade is what shapes me to fit your foot.  It’s a more natural form-fitting feel, and it even comes in wide…oooo…ahhhh.  I can already see the cameras flashin’ as I strut my stuff down the runway at my local run specialty store.  But before I get my laces in front of my toe cap, let me tell you a little more about that “stuff” I’ll be strutin’.  Have you ever heard of AIRmesh?  Well, it can found right above your toes while you’re wearing me, and it breathes similar to your lungs.  Amazing stuff!  Oh, and did I mention it’s lighter, softer and more breathable than my former self?

Can the new Inspire Please Lace Up, Please Lace Up! That takes us to my lacing system.  It’s there to help secure your foot on my foot bed.  Another fantastic upgrade to my new model is that I’ve got a dual-layered construction.  The bottom layer is a super soft micromesh for breathability and swell.  Yep, they redesigned me with your feet getting fatter in mind. My top layer, the outermost part of my waist consists of TPU, which stands for Thermal Plastic Unit.  It has excellent stretch-and-hold qualities…pretty much the opposite of your hamstrings if you think about it.

Now enough about the business up top, let’s visit the party down below.  Similar to my upper, I have an entirely new midsole too.  We’ll start with my heel wedgey; oops did I say wedgey … I meant wedge.  Now remember this, my heel wedge is made of all my best materials, so it had to come from my mother’s side.  It’s soft, sensitive and ensures your feet won’t feel any pain when the world hits it (AKA initial ground contact in your running gait).  Above that wedge, you’ll find my most absolute favorite part of my body: Mizuno wave technology.  Strictly here for your running pleasure.  Shock attenuation? Check.  Moderate support for those of you with flexible arches? Check.  Energy return? Check. What’s that? … You’ve already got me in your cart, and you’re headed to CHECKOUT?!  But wait, there’s more.

Just above my wave plate is another layer of amazing foam, known as U4ic, which is in place to give you an even softer, more reliable landing to transfer that power-packed energy return from my wave plate.

Well if this was an opportunity for me to toot my own horn, then I’ve fallen asleep at the wheel.  Thanks for following along, and I hope I’ll be seeing a lot more of you (and your feet).


Your essential & reliable stability shoe

The Wave Inspire (aka 14’er)         


Cheat Sheet:

  • Added forefoot flex groove to now give you 3 for a smoother toe-off
  • Beveled the heal, which gives you a more efficient transition from initial ground contact to forefoot toe-off
  • Softer, lighter, more breathable dual-layered air mesh upper
  • New updated last to give a more natural form fit to the foot
  • Easier on the eyes: a more modern design to help you feel as good as you look!