REACH BEYOND: All About Balance for Professional Runner, Hannah Irwin

It’s all just a balancing act for elite runner, Hannah Irwin. While studying as a full-time student and maintaining a social life, she makes training a priority.

The first video in the REACH BEYOND series features British women’s runner and Mizuno athlete, Hannah Irwin, who currently trains a the University of Surrey in the U.K. Ranked 2nd in the U.K. (2017) for her age group, Hannah’s journey is focused on becoming a member of Team Great Britain. Hannah embodies the spirit of Mizuno and passion for the sport in which she competes. In life, Hannah says she has two passions: running and writing.

A blessing that comes with being a motivated athlete is my tendency to stick to and follow time schedules.
I am not someone who can go into a day with no plan of what I want to achieve, or get done.
I need to know as soon as I wake up what I am doing that day and when it is being done. I know, if this is done,
I will be able to fit everything in, says Hannah. 
Watch Hannah’s story to learn more about her commitment to reaching the next level in her running journey.


Follow Hannah’s journey as she talks about training, races and the ups and downs on her personal blog here.

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Published: November 2018