Mom on the Run: My Go To Gear for Cooler Weather

As an avid runner and fashion designer, I take pride in picking out my running gear.  My mantra’s always been: look good, feel good, run good…(and YES, it has to function appropriately as well!) In this month’s blog we’ll take a look at my go-to running apparel and footwear. Given that we’re entering the winter running season, I’ll focus on those items.


Fall and winter mean extra layers. A run can start off chilly and become toasty by the end or vice versa. I always start off with a base layer like the Inspire tee or tank, then add on the Alpha Long Sleeve Half Zip sleeve. If it’s really cold or windy I’ll make sure to bring my soft shell jacket. For bottoms, I like the Impulse Core ¾ Tight. I prefer a cropped legging, especially in the fall.  For cold winter days, I will wear thicker leggings.


My go-to trainers are the Wave Inspire 14 and the Wave Rider 22 for daily runs.  While these two pairs are different in the amount of support they provide, I find that I am able to run in both models as a neutral runner.  The Wave Inspire 14’s are good for roads and moderate trail runs.  The cushioning and support are preferable for my recovery runs. The Wave Rider 22 is similar, but a tad lighter for steadier runs.

If I’m doing a speed and interval workout, I wear the Wave Sonics. They’re light and fast with a nice amount of support.


I never run without a hat and gloves on a cold day. I’d rather ditch the jacket then these two essentials. Growing up in Utah we had brutal winters and I ran through it all. Like the saying goes, “there is no such thing as bad weather just improper clothing.” My high school coach used to say “keep the hands, ears, and core warm and then you’re good to go.” This always reigned true for me.  Once you do forget these on a cold day, you will never do it again!

My go-to accessories are the BreathThermo Gloves and the Warmalite headband which have added reflectivity and allow heat dumping. This allows for the majority of your heat to leave through your head.

With all this Mizuno gear I’m good to go for another winter of running. You won’t see me slowing down anytime soon.

Laura Pifer, Mom on the Run

3 x High School National Champion (2 Track 1 XC) and former H.S. National Recorder holder (5k 16:29) from Bingham H.S. She was part of the University of Colorado’s National Championship team. Post-collegiate she has run a recent 4:36 mile and enjoys competing in 5k & 10k road races. She is currently a mother, business owner, and athlete.

Published: November 2018