Mizuno Running, Artist Ambassador: Cam Lee

Earlier this year, Mizuno Running announced one part of our first Ambassador Program. Today, we proudly announce the second part – our first-ever of its kind, Artist Ambassador Program! These artists were hand-selected by the Mizuno Running team, based on their creative spirit and how it all uniquely coincides with running. Get to know one of the talented members of the team, Cam Lee, below.

Mizuno Running: Okay, so, how would you like to introduce yourself?

Cam: I’m Cameron Lee, @therealcamleecomics, (or just Cam is fine), and I’m a freelance illustrator who draws cartoons and comics in Photoshop.

MR: How did you get started?

C: I’ve been drawing for pretty much as long as I can remember. As a little kid, I loved cartoons, comics, and video games, and have always harbored a desire to create my own. It was in high school that I really fell in love with the idea of making comics specifically, and began honing in on that passion.

MR: When did you start running?

C: I started running when I was in middle school. Basketball was my main sport back then, but my parents made me do outdoor track as a way to keep me active outside the basketball season. In high school I took a real liking to track, so going into my junior year I decided to quit basketball and take up cross country and indoor instead. I’ve pretty much been running ever since.

MR: That is amazing that you fell into these two passions around the same time. Aside from that, how do they coincide with you?

C: I love creating art but drawing at my desk and looking at my computer monitor all-day can feel exhausting both physically and mentally. Running makes me feel energized and empowered, plus it has a way of calming whatever anxieties are rattling around in my brain that day. When I get back from a run, I’m excited to sit down and draw again (after stretching and resting for a bit of course).

MR: I think many of us can relate to that! Has running influenced your illustrations directly at all?

C: This feels kind of silly to say, but a lot of my favorite comics revolve around teams or groups, like the X-Men or the Avengers, and being a part of running teams throughout high school and college made me feel like I was on a super team of my own. A lot of the stories I concoct tend to revolve around teams and groups, or just have large casts in general and that definitely comes from me drawing upon my experiences on running teams. Also, a lot of the characters I create and draw are inspired by people I’ve met through running.

MR: Amazing! Is there anything else you’d like to add about art, running, projects you’re excited about, or something you have done in the past?

C: From 2015-2016 I started a little webcomic about a fictional college track and field team called, Turtles Track & Field. The comic is unfinished and at this point, I seriously doubt I’ll ever go back and finish what was started in 2015. I do still sketch the characters every now and then, and even continue to jot down story ideas for them. Maybe I’ll do a reboot someday.

MR: One last thing that we are dying to know, what is your favorite Mizuno Running shoe?

C: Wave Sky WAVEKNIT™ 3! They’re super comfortable. I feel like I forget that I’m wearing shoes when I’m running in them.

Learn more about Cam and our other Artist Ambassadors at @MizunoRunningNorthAmerica on Instagram and the Insider.

Published: April 2020

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