Mizuno Levels Up with New, Advanced Training Shoe

One month into the new year, Mizuno is leveling up its training roster with the latest iteration in the TC Series Training Footwear Collection – the TC-11. Built for athletes reaching beyond just-good-enough performance, the TC-11 is a highly sophisticated and advanced training shoe designed to enhance an athlete’s training with improved overall body awareness, increased foot sensitivity and heightened balance awareness.

Training is an integral part of an athlete’s routine and impacts performance in their sport more than any other activity. Too often athletes have all the gear they need on game day but are left with inadequate gear in training. Mizuno’s TC Series looks to eliminate that gap with a training shoe perfectly suited for the lifting and functional movements of indoor training.

With balance as the basis of every movement, the TC-11 incorporates MIZUNO COB (Center of Balance) Technology, which allows an athlete to feel the impact of each and every movement as well as improves stability, balance and reaction times. The patent-pending design featuring sensor pod clusters utilize the neuro system effectively in training by transmitting sensory information to the bottom of an athlete’s foot. This enhanced feedback from the feet aids in balance while training and allows athletes to pursue improved athletic performance.

Technology is at the forefront of every aspect of an athlete’s day, from the food athletes fuel their body with to the type of training they implement at certain times during their day or week. Mizuno looks to complement their dedication with gear built specifically for training.

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Published: February 2021

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