Maximize Return and Prevent Overpronation with the Wave Horizon 5

Running and jogging provide numerous benefits to an athlete – from bone and muscular strength to improved cardiovascular fitness. It’s also a mental health booster. It’s many runners’ quiet time –  to put those headphones in, zone out and pound the pavement and escape from life’s stressors. But the key to capitalizing on all of those benefits is minimizing your risk of injuries, such as shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and heel spurs. Minimizing those risks requires proper training as well as the proper running shoes.

Heading into prime running season, Mizuno is forging ahead with its latest iteration in the Wave Horizon collection – the Wave Horizon 5. Designed for those high-mileage runners who are focused on and need that comfort and stability, the Wave Horizon 5 delivers maximum support with increased softness and energy return.

For some runners, prevention means their shoes need to put in extra work. Support runners require added support and cushion to prevent overpronation – when the foot lands on the outside of the heel and rolls inward excessively to the inner edge of the foot. In the Wave Horizon 5, Mizuno’s advanced running and training technology assists support runners in taking preventative measures to minimize their risk of injury and maximize their experience while running.

The Wave Horizon 5 is no exception to that standard as it continues to push the boundaries in running technology, allowing runners to push further and stretch for new goals. Including Mizuno’s latest technologies — MIZUNO ENERZY and XPOP, the Wave Horizon 5 is just the latest example of how laser-focused Mizuno is at setting a new standard for comfort and stability in all aspects of the support shoe.

Additional upgrades include:
  • A modified heel collar for advanced comfort
  • U4icX to deliver a more comfortable cushioned ride
  • Flex Grooves with a straight line design for flexible, yet stable toe-off
  • X10 rubber for high-level durability and a flat dense design for a stable feeling

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Published: March 2021

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