How to Spice Up Your Run

Published on: September 29, 2016

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of running. The open road, the hypnotic sound of your footfalls on the pavement, and being alone to get lost in your own thoughts. Some do it for the runner’s high, others do it for the therapy. Let us all agree that whatever our reason for running, it provides us a thrilling sense of accomplishment that’s difficult to come by otherwise.

But what happens when the thrill is gone? What happens when the new and exciting starts to become old, monotonous, and arduous? If your running could use a dose of adrenaline to get back on track, then you’re in luck! Today I’m sharing 7 of the best tips to put the spring back in your step and re-energize your running habits. It’s time to re-kindle your running romance… here’s how to do it:

  1. Find a new route: The biggest culprit responsible for a slowly-extinguishing running flame is monotony. You run the same route at the same time day in and day out. The next time you head out I dare you to mix things up a bit! Turn left when you usually turn right! Explore new roads and see what you can find! Finding a new jogging route is an excellent way to eliminate boredom and spice up your running.
  2. Try trail running: Sometimes you just need to get off the beaten path- waaaaay off the beaten path! Trail running is an excellent way to leave your old route behind and explore new sights. Add the difficulty of varying terrain and the thrill of exploration (the trees, the animals, the scenery, etc.) and your trail runs will become your new favorite routes!
  3. Make a new running playlist: I love running to music. Nothing gives you quite the shot of energy/adrenaline like when your “jam” comes on. The right music can help you start your run strong, power through the middle, and finish with a bang. If it’s been a while since you switched up your running playlist, I highly suggest you do so!
  4. Treat yourself: A good runner friend of mine is all about the “behavior-rewards” model. He has a whole rewards system set up for his running that he swears by for his motivation. 10 runs meeting a goal (running a certain distance in a certain time) means he gets to buy a new running shirt. 25 runs hitting those goals gets him some new shoes. I can’t remember his exact numbers, but if he hits all of his goals for the whole year he’ll buy some new bluetooth headphones, a hydration pack, or even a new GPS/run watch. Working towards these rewards can be a powerful motivator to get out there and dominate your run!
  5. Find a running partner: Finding a fried to run with has numerous benefits. This person can push you to run a little faster, run a little further, or even just run period! It’s much harder to hit the snooze button in the morning when you know someone is waiting for you at the starting line.
  6. Technology is where it’s at: Have you ever run with a running/GPS watch? They’re amazing! Not only can they track your distance and time, but metrics like pace, cadence, and heart rate! Having this real-time feedback immediately available can be a powerful way to re-ignite that PR fire and push yourself to be a little better.
  7. Mix up your running style: If you get up in the morning, hit a steady-state run for about 30 minutes (60-70% Max Heart Rate), and then put your shoes away until next time, you’re not only going to burn out quickly, but you’re also short-changing your results. The next time you head out, try mixing up your running style! Do some intervals instead. Try hill running. Try running for only 15 minutes but increase your speed by 1-2 mph. Sprints, intervals, hills, and tempo runs are a great option to increase variety to your running workouts and help you fall in love with running again!

If you’re finding your runs lacking and you feel like you’re in need of a little boost, try these tips out! They may be just what you need to get back on track and chase down some of your running goals!