Transitional Apparel for Fall Training

Author: BackAtSquare0

Published on: September 29, 2016

As September hits around the country fall half and full marathon training is in full swing.  Right now things are still very hot and a bit too humid in most locations, but the cool down is ahead.  With that in mind it is important to make sure you have the right transitional apparel for fall training.  This time of year it is all about quality pieces that will help you to move forward into the cooler weather, and layering so you can toss it on or take it off as needed.

Here are my top suggestions for Transitional Apparel for Fall Training:

1. Seeker Tee – You’ll want to start off with a great tee that can be worn alone on warmer days, or used as a base layer when it starts to get a bit cooler.  The Seeker Tee is perfect as it is made of Cupro yarn for durability and softness (you want a comfy base), but is still a fabulous moisture transferring fabric so it’ll help you stay dry.

2. Inspire Long Sleeve Tee – Now that you have your base layer set, it is time for a great long sleeved shirt.  The Inspire Long Sleeve Tee is fabulous because it looks great alone, but is roomy enough that you can toss it over the Seeker Tee on days you need some extra layering.  I personally love the this shirt is a longer length and has a flattering cut that hides your bottom a bit.

3. Katara Packable Hoody – Since weather this time of year can be a bit unpredictable with a mix of warm and cool days it is important to have a good top layer.  This hoody is both water and wind resistant, but yet still breathable.  It is a great fall piece for a bit of extra warmth and layering, but not as heavy as that big winter running jacket you have.

4. Zephyr 3/4 Tight – These capri length tights are perfect for fall runs.  Not as minimal as your summer shorts, but not quite as heavy as your full length winter run pants.  The wide waistband is very flattering (helping to avoid that muffin top effect) and these tights stay perfectly in place on your run – I never have to pull mine up, down, or adjust them at all.

5. Breath Thermo Knitted Arm Warmer – Some fall days your morning run starts off cool, but you know that by the time you finish it will have warmed up a bit.  These arm warmers are the perfect solution to that.  Toss them on in the morning with your Seeker Tee and it is like you are wearing a long shirt.  Then, when you get hot mid-run you can easily pull them off and tuck them into the waistband of your tights.  This is especially useful in races when you don’t want to waste extra time stopping to pull off a long sleeved shirt.

6. Breath Thermo Windproof Headband – Just like with the arm warmers having a windproof headband is great as the fall weather starts to get colder and your morning runs become a bit chilly. I love that I can throw this on at 6/7am when I head out for my long runs, but then when it is about 8 or 9am and starting to warm up it is easy to take off and stash.

*As a bonus – Don’t forget to stock up on some awesome new shoes as they are always in season.  I am currently training for the NYC Marathon (and then Kiawah and Charleston) in the Wave Rider 19.