Scientifically Crafted for Perfection

Published on: September 29, 2016

We trust in science at Mizuno.
When harnessed properly, it can deliver.
And deliver we did.

Our design team uncovered new innovations and crafted new designs that didn’t just surpass our earlier limits, they blew them out of the water. Sure, it wasn’t easy, but the best doesn’t come from easy. Because of that, the new JPX900 family is brimming with the best golf club science and technology on the market.

Hitting a price point wasn’t our goal. Ramping up the performance potential by making the best clubs possible was.

What resulted was a sleek design embodying speed and fluidity that epitomizes the investment we want to take in not just bettering ourselves, but helping golfers better themselves. The rationale for this is simple – we want golfers to go beyond merely admiring their favorite player, but also trust in the same tools when they put in the work to improve their games.

Every detail matters to us, and because of that we overturned every proverbial stone in building the JPX 900 series. These clubs showcase the delicate balance of science and craft. From a customizable driver thanks to our Infinite Fast Track technology and our Quick Switch Adapter to a trio of irons that succeeds because of carefully selected metal compositions, the JPX 900 line-up is aims to fit your style of play and take it to the next level.

These clubs change the game for Mizuno, both now and in the future. Stay tuned, because we’re just getting started. In the meantime, time to tee it up and see what happens.