Volleyball Tips from Jordan Larson

Published on: September 29, 2016

The serve is the only time in the game where you have control over the match. In order to deliver an effective serve you must first get yourself into a routine.  Jordan starts with a deep breath and then three bounces to follow.  Each person should have their own individual routine and keep it simple.

The next step is the toss.  The toss is especially important in a jump serve because of the timing of the servers approach and the toss. Focus on keeping the ball toss consistently out in front of you, so you contact it at the right point.  Take a few practice tosses to find the range that works best for you. Once you find the range, toss high and out and front, wait and then approach like you are hitting the ball from the end line.

Finally, Jordan stresses the importance of making sure your contact point is high and out in front of you. Use your arms to lift you through the last two steps of your approach.  Pull your dominant arm back like a bow & arrow, then rotate your elbow up around your ear so your arm is fully extended and your hand contacts the ball high and out front.  When your hand strikes the ball, roll your hand over the ball and snap your wrist.

With repetition, focus, and practice you will be able to have an effective serve to keep the opposing team out of system!