3 Things You Need to Know About the Wave Exceed Tour 3

Have you ever wished that your tennis shoes had the comfort and lightness of your favorite running shoe?

You can now have those qualities in your tennis shoe with the new Wave Exceed Tour 3 AC. Anatomically engineered to perform at the highest level, the patented Mizuno Wave technology will provide great comfort and ankle support. The lightweight midsole, which features SR-Touch technology, will allow you to make quick movements while the D-Flex Groove technology enables explosive acceleration. A durable all-court outsole will provide great traction on all court surfaces while the upper offers a natural fit and high durability due to the 3D-Solid technology.

We won’t let the technology do all of the talking though. Here are the top three qualities our players look for in a tennis shoe and reactions to the Wave Exceed Tour 3 AC.

1. Durability

“I would describe my playing style as a grinder who runs down every ball. Naturally, I am very hard on my shoes. After playing in the Wave Exceed Tour 3 for nearly a month, I was very happy with how well the outsole and upper has held up.”

2. Fit

“The fit of my tennis shoe is important especially for those matches that cross the 2 & 3 hour mark. I have a flat and moderately wide foot and I found the shoe offers great arch support for while the upper is very flexible. This allows my feet to expand the way they want without feeling cramped. In my playtests I wore a men’s size 9 and the shoe ran very true to size.”

3. Comfort

“A tennis shoe should be comfortable and not feel like it’s adding weight. I could immediately feel how lightweight the shoes were as soon as I put them on. The comfort and support of the midsole was something I have never felt before in a tennis shoe!”

Swipe through our men’s and women’s Wave Exceed Tour 3’s below and let us know what you think @MizunoNorthAmerica