Training in New Places with Maegan Krifchin

The idea of training in new places can be super exciting.  I love exploring new trails and parks and routes.  For others, it can be overwhelming, especially if you’re going to a new place for an extended period of time. Read along to learn about ways that have made the overwhelming experiences a little easier.

  1. Start by visiting a running store for local resources and tips
  2. Ask about the best running spots in town
  3. Research local running groups to make friends
  4. Sign up for a local race event

Once you visit a store or do a little research on your own, you are bound to make running friends.  Don’t be afraid to ask around and talk to people. Runners are always willing to share their input on their favorite running spots.

Always, always explore!  Don’t miss out on the opportunity while you’re traveling to see some really great places.  It’s very easy to get into a routine of “what works.”  But you also don’t know what else “works” if you don’t go out looking for it.  On one of your easy days, where pace doesn’t matter, go find a new trail or spot. If it is a dead end or a bust, who cares?? At least you tried!  I’ve run into several dead ends or silly small trails that I thought would go forever and only lasted a half a mile.  But, I am always grateful I gave it a go because I would have never known.

I love running because it allows me to travel the world, see new places and faces.  It enables me to take my own mini adventure each time I step out the door. If that adventure leads me to a new untouched road then, I’m going to see where it goes!

I hope that my experiences help you to keep an open mind as you travel and train in new places.

Maegan Krifchin, Mizuno Ambassador and Professional Marathon Runner

Maegan has her sights set on the Olympic Trials Marathon hosted in Atlanta, GA in 2020. She currently boasts personal bests of 69:51 in the half and 2:32:47 in the marathon. Maegan completed her undergraduate education at Syracuse University while competing for the Orange as a middle distance runner. She went on the earn her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Ithaca College.
Maegan enjoys traveling the world for both training and racing.  She truly believes the world is her playground and is always up for an adventure.
Published: February 2019