New Mizuno GX-Sonic IV Tech Suit Available in U.S.

The latest iteration of the Mizuno tech suit, GX-Sonic IV, has launched for the start of the summer competition season.

“Mizuno has built yet another industry leading technical suit. The GX-Sonic IV is built to entirely support your kick and support your body line,” said Blake Pieroni, Olympian and Mizuno Swim Athlete. “You definitely feel this support throughout your entire race, making your hips and legs feel elevated on the surface of the water. It’s clear that this new Mizuno was designed with swimmers at top of mind.”



The more streamlined a swimmer is, the easier it is for them to stay on top of the water. This helps the swimmer carry themselves through the water more efficiently. In the streamlined position, it also gives them the ability to exert more energy, making them faster. Technology in the GX-Sonic IV is built to keep the swimmer’s body in this streamlined posture to support this concept.




Engineered for speed, design refinements introduce a new Sonic Light Ribtex II fabric combined with new Sonic Line Design X taping structure to lift the lower body and give the entire kick cycle support through to the finish. The suit offers optimal compression and mobility as needed between Multi Racer (MR) and Sprinter (ST) model.


The MR suit offers more flexibility meant for multi-stroke events while the ST delivers maximum compression meant for short-distance races. The comparisons below show the differences in where the suit’s taping is built to enable support of the entire kick cycle respective to the differing distances.


  • Dual-layer fabric built for increased hip elevation and optimal compression​
  • Cross-shaped taping wraps from the hamstring to the inner thigh, supporting the entire kick cycle​
  • Supports line off the block, in and out of the turn and keeps hips elevated throughout the entire race​
  • Women’s suit emphasizes compression and stability throughout swimmer’s core to further enhance the body line



  • Newly engineered single layer fabric built for increased hip elevation and mobility​
  • Cross-shaped taping starts at the hamstring and wraps around the inner and outer thigh for increased flexion and support throughout the entire kick cycle​
  • Freedom of movement on outer thighs and hips, allowing flexibility during multi-stroke and breaststroke events. ​
  • Women’s suit engineered with paneling placed specifically around the core to offer stabilization and body line support


Worn by top athletes globally, the presence of the Mizuno suit continues to grow at international and domestic competitions with the reputation for speed being reinforced by elite swimmer performances at the competition.


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Published: June 2019