Mizuno is always looking for ways to improve the performance of athletes. This month marks the debut of Mizuno COB echnology in North America with the introduction of the TC Series training footwear – TC-01 & TC-02.

The first foray in the training category, Mizuno utilized innovative performance research to understand the benefits of balance and body awareness on athletic performance to deliver a sophisticatedly advanced training shoe.

“All athletes have different goals when training, including improving performance, preventing injury or increasing strength. Amongst all, we found balance to be a common factor during training for improved performance. Balance plays a major role in understanding and control of body movements to gain that added advantage,” said Tim Rumer, VP of Team Sports Mizuno USA. “With MIZUNO COB, the TC Series shoes are able to work alongside athletes to improve their balance abilities and in turn advancing their training goals.”





The MIZUNO COB Technology design introduces sensor pod clusters that enable increased feedback to transfer from the feet to aid balance. Used in the soles of the TC Series training shoes, the patent pending MIZUNO COB activation pods designed on the surface of the midsoles are linked with the design of the outsole – the part of the shoe that’s in direct contact with the ground. These activation pods allow information to be transmitted to the bottom of the feet which can lead to increased foot sensitivity and improved performance.*1




The initial concept began with a study, conducted by Mizuno, among trainers across 15 different sports. The results revealed that trainers think the most important element in training for improving athletes’ performance is balance.*2

From these findings, the TC Series was developed as a shoe that improves balance and pursues improved performance for athletes that work to improve their basic physical abilities in their gym training. Mizuno then began a collaboration with Dr. Benno M. Nigg and Mr. Sandro R. Nigg, CEO of Biomechanigg Sport & Health Research to further evaluate the performance of the MIZUNO COB Technology design in the TC Series.

“Balance is the basis of our movement,” said Dr. Benno M. Nigg, Biomechanigg Sport and Health Research. “In order to improve stability and balance capabilities, the neuro system must be utilized effectively, and Mizuno is doing exactly that.”


A joint study conducted by Mizuno and BSHR, confirmed a significant increase in foot sensitivity and a trend to increase their balance capabilities and reaction time for athletes training in footwear using MIZUNO COB Technology. Test results showed that the transmission of sensory information to the bottom of an athlete’s feet appears to be linked to improving balance and the potential to enhance athletic performance.




Available in men’s and women’s, the TC training shoe comes in two models. The TC-01 & TC-02 are available for purchase online at

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Balance is strength.

Published: June 2019


*1: Based on the joint study with Biomechanigg Sport & Health Research, which conducts advanced research in the field of biomechanics, the trend to improve balance capabilities was confirmed.
*2: Study conducted by Mizuno
(Questionnaires of what element is the most important in training to improve performance, March–September 2018, N=15)