Tread Talks With Tina: Wave Sky WAVEKNIT™ 3

With a week in since launch day, we hope you have had the chance to take a look at the completely re-designed Wave Sky WAVEKNIT™ 3. The neutral, high-cushion shoe includes a handful of technology upgrades from Mizuno, including XPOP, Foam Wave and the addition of the signature WAVEKNIT™ upper… but what do all of these words mean? And what makes them so special? We sat down with our Running Product Manager, Tina Danforth, to ask these burning questions. Tina has logged over 80 miles in the shoe, and confirms that [the shoe] “still feels as good as it did on day ONE!” 


What are the biggest changes in the Wave Sky WAVEKNIT™ 3 from the Wave Sky 2? 


There are three very exciting updates to the Wave Sky Waveknit™ 3 – XPOP, Waveknitand Foam Wave technology.  


What is XPOP? 


XPOP is a new cushioning technology from Mizuno that has a plush step-in feel and great rebound.  


How does it differ from the foam in my other running shoes? 


With XPOP, we were able to get the best of both worlds. When you first step into the Wave Sky Waveknit™ 3, you will get a soft and plush sensation. As soon as you start to run you notice how bouncy and smooth the ride really is.  


What is the Foam Wave? 


Foam wave technology allows us to insert our Mizuno DNA into this product without a wave plate. We do a lot of testing on our product before it hits the market and consumers were asking for a more plush ride in this category versus responsive. Foam Wave technology enables us to hit that sweet spot.  


How is that different from the Wave Sky 2’s wave plate? 


We’ve softened up the Wave Sky Waveknit™ 3 so you’ll notice that difference right away. 


I run in the Wave Rider, why should I try Wave Sky 3? 


I’ve been in the Wave Rider since version 9 but I can’t stop running in this new update to the Wave Sky Waveknit™ 3. If I want to feel faster, I’ll take out my Wave Riders. If I want to focus on more mileage or my legs are feeling a little tired I will take out my Wave Sky Waveknit™ 3s. It really depends on the sensation you’re looking to feel that day. But I’ve really enjoyed switching off running in both of these models.  


I love the WAVEKNIT™ R2, does the Sky WAVEKNIT™ 3 have the same upper construction? 


It does – but it’s even lighter! We’ve adjusted the lacing system in the Wave Sky Waveknit™3 so more of the upper can wrap around your arch and instep. It was important to give you a little more room for your foot to expand in this model so it’s as comfortable as possible.  


Have you enjoyed running in our new Wave Sky WAVEKNIT™ 3? If so, let us know at @MizunoRunningNA

Tina Danforth, Mizuno Running Footwear and Apparel Product Manager

Tina has worked for Mizuno for 11 years, starting as a Tech Rep in Boston, MA where she’s from. Her love affair with Mizuno started with the Wave Rider 8. Tina ran track in high school, making state in the 300m hurdles and played soccer at Emerson College. Her favorite running accomplishment is completing the Boston Marathon in 2016. Outside of running Tina spends her time cheering for Manchester United and the Boston Red Sox, discovering new music and traveling.

Published: June 2019

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