Mizuno Athlete Workout Series: April Ross, Volleyball

Training doesn’t stop because practice gets canceled. As our Mizuno Athletes look forward to 2021, they are finding creative ways to stay healthy and fit. In this series, a few Mizuno Athletes will share at-home workouts and drills to help you stay in tune with your technique during this time as well.

April Ross, Mizuno Volleyball Athlete, has had a long decorated career both on the beach and indoor. As she plans to train for another year, she has found ways to practice in her backyard.

“It’s getting weird but we are staying healthy,” said Ross via Instagram.

Drill: @rawrcarson
Music: Roses (Imanbek remix) by SAINt JHN

Now, It’s Your Turn!

Lean a piece of wood against a tree and practice spiking the ball at the center of the wood then bumping it up to yourself to spike again. Compete against yourself and see how many times you can repeat this drill!

Tell us how you are training while practicing social distancing by tagging us @MizunoNorthAmerica and #MizunoFit.

Published: April 2020

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