Mizuno USA Launches new GX Sonic Neo Tech Suits


[Mizuno USA Swim has added two new Neo Tech Suits to their offering, giving athletes the ability to choose a suit that is personalized to their race and compression preferences.]


PEACHTREE CORNERS, GA – May 6th, 2022 – Mizuno USA, a global leader in sports apparel and equipment, has added two new tech suits to their offering. The NEO All Generation (AG) and NEO Streamline (SL) tech suits are designed for swimmers seeking ease of movement and lightness compared to the current GX Sonic V model that utilizes compression and Sonic-Line X design for kick support. All four of the tech suits utilize Mizuno’s cutting-edge Flat Swim Concept® technology supporting your posture in the water, keeping your body-line flat while racing. Mizuno’s GX line is aimed at swimmers who want to gain an edge in their speed and strength, and the introduction of the two new styles is designed to meet the needs of every type of swimmer.

“We are excited to introduce the GX Sonic Neo suits to the American market as a way for all swimmers to experience the innovative technology of Mizuno suits and choose a suit that is comfortable for their races. Says Clint Sammons, Director of Team Sports. We understand the importance of a comfortable and well-fit suit alongside the differing preferences from swimmers in fit and feel. Mizuno continues to create suits that aim to reduce resistance and give swimmers the confidence to Reach Beyond™ whether they want maximum compression or increased flexibility and motion.

The new GX Sonic Neo suits encompass features of Mizuno Technology that allow a swimmer to perform at their best. The first is reduced resistance and ultrasonic bonding which reduces the sewing seams in the tech suit reducing resistance in the water. These new suits also have improved lightweight material with enhanced water repellency using cutting-edge technology. The Sonic-Line design allows for streamlined posture support from the design of the glute support line and lining of the two suits. In addition, there are two new features that are key for female swimmers. The straps have improved stretch to gently fit the shoulders of the swimmer and lead to larger strokes. Additionally, there is single-layer construction in the front of the female suit that allows for free movement of the upper body.

GX Sonic Neo SL (Streamline) is the successor model of the popular Technical Flex (TF) model in Europe and Japan and has increased water repellency fabric. The suit features less lining allowing for flexibility in your swim. The GX Sonic Neo AG (All-Generation) is the lightest GX Mizuno suit in history with less lining in the thigh, this suit offers the most flexibility and movement for a swimmer. Both of these suits include the new comfort-fit strap for Women.


[QUOTE Carson Foster] “I am so excited for the release of the new Mizuno SL and the Mizuno AG. Mizuno has combined the next-level, hip-raising design of their GX-Sonic series with new flexible and breathable designs. As a middle-distance swimmer, I tend to use a variety of suits based on my event schedule. With these new suits, I am able to decide which suit I want to wear based on how much compression and flexibility I want, without losing any of the unique Mizuno feeling in my hips.”

[QUOTE Erika Brown] “The NEO suits give me comfort and confidence to compete at my best. I love the feeling I have wearing the NEO StreamLine. The new technology in the straps and suit material allows me to have a full range of motion, while still providing the Mizuno lifting technology. When I step on the blocks wearing the NEO StreamLine I know that I can accomplish anything”

The addition of the two new Neo suits offers swimmers who prefer a more flexible and mobile suit the ability to experience the cutting-edge Mizuno Technology and race with confidence.

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