Can You Change the Way You Run?

What if you could improve your running performance and reduce the likelihood of injuries at the same time? Seeing as how most runners will encounter an injury this year, chances are you’re apprehensive about this opening claim. So how is it achieved?

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How to Deal With Letdown After A Big Race

Almost everyone reading this has probably experienced that letdown after a big race. For months and months (or years and years) you have this goal race, the date circled on the calendar. You train hard with that date in mind. You make many sacrifices, skipping out on beers with friends on Saturday to rest up for a Sunday long run, or you leave behind family and travel thousands of miles and hole yourself up in an apartment in the Swiss Alps to training your butt off. Whatever the event, however many miles you log, whatever the sacrifice, eventually that day on the calendar comes…and it goes.

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The Planet Wave: Ditch Training, Play Instead

I hate training. I really do. While I’m at it, I also despise working out and absolutely never run workouts. Never.

Don’t get me wrong: I love running. Probably just as much as you do. What I hate is the “training” word. Maybe it’s a case of semantics, but I equate training and working out with…work.

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