March Inspiration: Meet The Great Kate

Most of us take for granted being able to pull on a pair of shoes and go run or walk a couple miles. But what if one day you found that you couldn’t feel your fingers as they tied your shoes, that your feet kept scuffing the pavement despite your brain screaming at your legs to lift your knees, and

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Why Do You Peachtree?

  For some, the Fourth of July means backyard cookouts, days at the beach, or finding respite from the summer heat by lounging in the lake. For 60,000 others, America’s Independence Day means running, walking and celebrating down Atlanta’s main thoroughfare at the AJC Peachtree Road Race. Each of these participants (including many Mizuno staff and family members) cross the

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TREAD TALKS: Runner’s World Spring 2018 Shoe Review

Mizuno Running

Reviews.  They’re a big deal.  I find myself utilizing peer reviews for practically everything I buy.  Restaurants.  Power tools.  Baby cribs.  Grass seed. RUNNING SHOES.  This month, Runner’s World released their Spring Shoe Review.  Let’s see how we fared. Wave Inspire 14 “There’s no doubt our testers noticed the superior stability, but they also gushed over the comfort, fit, and

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