Tread Talks:’s Miles in the Mizuno WAVEKNIT® R2

During January’s Tread Talks, we wanted to get another perspective on one of our newest neutral running shoes. Read below as shares her thoughts on the new WAVEKNIT® R2.

When it comes to running, without question shoes are the single most important item that can make or break a training program. After all, you spend hours and hours, plus hundreds of miles, with your shoes, getting to know each other quite intimately through blood, sweat, and yes, even tears.

For the last month, I have been running in the new WAVEKNIT R2 Running Shoe. I have never tried Mizuno shoes before, but I know a lot of runners who love this brand!

First Impression:

Yay black!! Is it just me or do most running shoes only come in neon colors? I am used to my shoes ranging from purple and teal to orange and blue… fun, but not really my style. So as soon as I opened my shoebox and saw these shoes came in a sleek black and gray color, I loved it!

Side note: I also wear running shoes to work so since these shoes are black, I can get away with wearing them at work too! And that is exactly what I did – I first tried these shoes for work as a way to break them in before a run. I am on my feet all day and it felt great! As soon as I put the shoes on I could feel them forming to my feet. I was able to move around comfortably for my entire shift, without any knee or back pain.  Plus one for Mizuno!

After breaking the shoes in at work, I took them to the treadmill.  These shoes are much lighter than the shoes I was running in, but honestly, I didn’t feel very stable in them at first.  These shoes are for neutral runners and I tend to pronate.  Granted, I do not have an ACL in my left knee to start with, so I am already unstable when it comes to running, but I try to tape my knee to compensate for this.

Lasting Impression:

During my first weekend with these shoes, I ran a half marathon and by the time the race was over, I was so glad I had upsized. I normally run in 7.5 shoe size but before I ordered the new shoes, I decided to try the older version at a running store first.  The running experts say that they normally run a tad small, so he suggested I try the 8 over the 7.5.  I know shoe sizes can differ between styles, but I still decide to play it on the safe side and order an 8. Like I said, it was a smart move because the shoes do run small.

Even in a size 8, when I started racing in the shoes, they felt tight.  I started to question if I should have ordered an 8.5.  However, thanks to the knit technology of the shoe, they soon relaxed and reshaped to fit my foot – the 8 ended up fitting perfectly. By the end of the race, there was plenty of room for my feet as the shoes expanded just the right amount in every direction.  Even as my toes swelled as I reached mile 13, I didn’t feel like my feet were constricted at all.  In addition, now that I had taped my ACL – which I normally do for a race -my feet felt secure and well-stabilized in this shoe.

I will continue to train with these shoes on a few different terrains and really test it out. This shoe has passed the half marathon test, but now it’s time to see if it can pass the Run.It.Off test.


Vanessa, Marathon Runner

Vanessa is an avid runner from Southern California who began running marathons 4 years ago as an excuse to have an extra serving of dessert. As of today, she has run marathons all over the world including the Boston Marathon, the Great Wall of China Marathon, and the New York Marathon.

Published: January 2019