Simple Tips to Kick-Start (and keep) your Healthy Lifestyle in 2019

Resolved to eat healthier in 2019? Good Measure Meals’ Registered Dietitians have got your back!

Runners and other athletes know that nutrition and exercise go hand-in-hand. Our food choices affect our energy levels, performance, recovery, body composition, and overall health. Yet with so much confusing and often conflicting nutrition information widely available, it can be hard to sort out fact from fiction. That’s why we have teamed up with the registered dietitians at Good Measure Meals. Each month, we’ll be sharing evidence-based, practical nutrition tips and healthy recipes to help you fuel optimally for your workouts and your life.

To kick-off the New Year, we thought we would start by telling you a little more about Good Measure Meals and their parent non-profit organization Open Hand Atlanta. Then, read on for dietitian-approved, realistic ways to eat healthier and stay motivated in 2019.

Supporting your health goals, and the health of your community!

Good Measure Meals offers a full range of nutrition services, from individual counseling to ready-to-eat fresh meal plans, all designed to help you reach your wellness goals. In the process, you also support the health of your community. As the social enterprise of local non-profit organization Open Hand, 100% of net proceeds from Good Measure Meals goes directly to support Open Hand’s mission of providing nutrition for all.

Open Hand is one of our city’s most innovative non-profit organizations, believing everyone deserves access to proper nutrition – no matter their age, no matter where they call home, and no matter their health condition.

From its humble beginnings in 1987, when a group of friends banded together to cook meals for their neighbors who were dying of HIV/AIDS, Open Hand now prepares, packs, and delivers more than 5,200 medically appropriate meals each day throughout metro Atlanta to those who might otherwise go without.

How can you be involved? 

The New Year is a great time to refocus on your health, and nutrition plays a big role in that. Before you sign up for the latest juice cleanse or fad diet, consider this: short-term diets usually mean short-term results. Instead, consider a more balanced, sustainable plan of action.

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to healthy eating, registered dietitian Alissa Palladino shares a few simple guidelines to get you started:

  • Power up with Protein: Include protein with all your meals and snacks to feel satisfied, stay energized and keep your metabolism revved. Good sources include eggs, chicken, turkey, fish, seafood, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, lean beef, and pork. Incorporate plant-based sources such as tofu, beans, lentils, and nuts for more nutritional diversity and less saturated fat.
  • Focus on Fiber: Fiber-rich fruits and veggies are naturally filling, low in calories and packed with antioxidants and nutrients. Aim for at least 2 servings of fresh fruit and 3-5 servings of veggies per day.
  • Sip Smart: Beverages are a major (sneaky) source of empty calories in our diets, which can contribute to weight gain. Limit sugar-sweetened beverages – that includes soft drinks, sweet tea, juices and sports drinks (outside of long runs!) If plain water feels boring, try flavored sparkling versions or add pieces of fresh fruit for a hint of flavor without added sugar.
  • Keep a food journal: When you’re trying to establish new healthy habits, self-monitoring brings awareness to your patterns, adds accountability and can help you make better choices. If you’re tech-savvy, try an app like My Fitness Pal. Using an old school journal allows you to record meal timing, rate your hunger and fullness, and make note of your emotions.

If you’re in the Atlanta area and interested in more individualized support with your nutrition, check out the Good Measure Meals website. Here you can browse upcoming menus, learn more about nutrition counseling services, and gain insights and inspiration on their blog. Use the code MIZUNO to save 10% off any meal plan or nutrition service.

Check back here next month for more nutrition tips and healthy recipes.

Alissa Palladino, MS, RDN, LD, ACSM-CPT

Alissa is a Registered Dietitian at Good Measure Meals where she helps people achieve and maintain their health goals. A veggie lover and avid runner with a number of half and full marathons under her belt, she believes the best form of exercise is the one you enjoy and the best nutrition plan is one that fits into your lifestyle.

Published: January 2019