Instagram LIVE Mother’s Day Concert with Julia Cole & Mizuno Athletes

Today more than ever, Moms are our everyday HEROs. This Mother’s Day will be different than previous ones.
To help us celebrate and honor the Moms across the United States, we have sought help from country music’s rising star, Julia Cole.
Join Mizuno on Sunday, May 10 at 2 p.m. ET for an online Mother’s Day concert via Instagram LIVE sharing Julia’s new song, White Pearls, and special appearances by Mizuno Athletes, including two-time Olympian and beach volleyball player, April Ross.


Before the concert, we wanted to share a little bit about Julia Cole.


What is one thing your fans should know about you?


If my music helps even one person feel included, empowered or understood, then this crazy journey is all worth it.


You’ve played volleyball for many years, and were able to incorporate your love of singing & music. How has this shaped your career so far?


I got my musical start singing National Anthems for my own volleyball and basketball games in high school. This spread to singing for crowds of 75k+ for NFL, MLB, NASA, Rodeo, SEC, NCAA, MLS, and many more events. Volleyball and athletics as a whole taught me so many of the skill sets needed to succeed in my career: discipline, work ethic, how to perform under pressure and handle criticism, leadership, teamwork, and so much more. Mizuno and I share the belief that women are capable of so much greatness. Hopefully, the activations we’re doing together, on Mother’s Day and in the future, spread the message of empowerment and as testimony to the benefits of participating in athletics to as many women as possible.


When did you know you wanted to be a musician?


When I sang my first anthem at 17 in front of 75,000 people with jets flying over in NRG Stadium before the sold-out, season closer Texans vs. Jaguars game and I wasn’t even nervous. That’s when I knew performing was what I was born to do.


How has your mom made an impact on you in your life and in sports?


Both of my parents have been instrumental in teaching me so much about work ethic and can share full credit for getting me involved in athletics at a young age. My mom is completely self-made and has worked harder than anyone I know to achieve her own greatness. She’s selfless and such a role model for my two sisters and myself.


What is the inspiration behind your new song, “White Pearls”?


I wrote “White Pearls” as a 75th birthday present for my grandmother, Maudie. The lyrics embody characteristics of both Maudie and my mom that I look up to. It’s a song for all of the mom’s and grandmother’s out there that played a huge role in their children’s lives. It’s one of the most personal and dearest songs I’ve ever written.


Most importantly, how can your fans engage with you and receive updates and notifications?


I love connecting with fans on Instagram @JuliaColeMusic. My music and information on how to get free music, find merchandise, or become a part of the #ColeTeam can be found at


Mark your calendars and follow @MizunoNorthAmerica so you don’t miss out on the Mother’s Day IG LIVE Concert on Sunday, May 10 at 2 p.m. ET.

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Published: April 2020