Holiday Gift Guide for Athletes

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, but with challenges come opportunities. Full city and state shutdowns, quarantine, and social distancing requirements closed businesses, canceled sporting events, and kept us to our individual homes.
However, just like every major game you can recall, when adversity struck, we overcame. The lack of a commute allowed us to replace that hour of driving with an hour of exercising. No activities or events on the weekend allowed us to pick up new hobbies and teach our kids new sports. From virtual running clubs to booked tee times, personal athletics saw an upswing throughout the pandemic – no pun intended.

Closing out the year and entering the holiday season, many are hoping to continue these new sports, hobbies, and training into the new year – setting new goals, aiming for new personal records, and reaching beyond what we achieved in a trying year. No matter which sport you play or exercise style of preference, Mizuno is ready to equip you to improve your game or continue your new hobby into the next year.

Custom Irons

If this year has given you an extra reason to splurge on your loved ones, a new golf iron set is the perfect gift for the golfer in your life. Mizuno’s JPX 921 irons offer four different iterations to ensure you get the best result no matter your experience level. At no extra charge, Mizuno’s irons can be custom fitted personally for them using Mizuno’s Shaft Optimizer 3D, so you can make your golfer feel like a pro with a custom set.

Training Gear

From the top-of-their-game athletes to brand new athletes and even retired-athletes turned active again, training is an essential component to their performance no matter the sport. And Mizuno knows great footwear and apparel are the foundation of great training. Just ask Ronda Rousey, a Mizuno Athlete and lover of our Training line.

Mizuno’s engineers worked with athletes and trainers across the world to develop MIZUNO ENERZY, an innovative midsole technology designed for greater return energy when the shoe impacts the ground, creating more bounce and spring with each step. Unveiled this summer, this new technology was incorporated into Mizuno’s latest Training Shoe release, the Wave Revolt.  The Wave Revolt joins two other innovative footwear collections from Mizuno, the TC-Series and TF-Series – developed with Mizuno COB Technology. Whether your athlete is lifting weights, completing agility drills, or fighting through a Crossfit class, Mizuno’s training shoes will give them a grounding that makes every rep better and stronger.

For the athletes who train in the cold, Mizuno’s Breath Thermo Collection with Body Warming Technology will keep them warm with hats, gloves, zip-ups, and tights.

Running Shoes

Nearly every athlete has a running component to their game, and stable, comfortable, running shoes make all the difference for a runner. The most recent iteration of Mizuno’s most popular shoe – the Wave Rider 24 – incorporates MIZUNO ENERZY. With the combination of our innovative midsole technology and the option of either an engineered mesh or WAVEKNIT upper, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Wave Rider 24 running shoes.

Gear for Every Athlete in Your Life

Mizuno is dedicated to athletes around the world, so if the athlete in your life is a swimmer, volleyball, soccer, or tennis player, or if they play softball or baseball, we’ve got them covered too. Check out the latest here:

  • Mizuno Swim engineered a new suit for men and women, the GX-Sonic V, built for speed.
  • Mizuno Baseball released its first knit cleat, the Dominant Knit, and a custom glove landing page.
  • Mizuno Volleyball is back with new releases in the April Ross collection.
  • Mizuno Tennis released two new court shoes for comfort, speed, and agility.
  • Mizuno Soccer delivered a barefoot feeling in the Morelia collection.

After pushing through a challenging 2020, athletes of all kinds will enjoy a fresh start and a fresh new look for 2021. Whether you’re equipping them with the sporting equipment they need for their sport or providing training gear for them to get to the next level, your athlete will appreciate the high quality and advanced technology Mizuno’s products offer.

Published: December 2020

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