Mizuno Running, Artist Ambassador: Stan Mullins

Earlier this year, Mizuno Running announced one part of our first Ambassador Program. Today, we proudly announce the second part – our first-ever of its kind, Artist Ambassador Program! These artists were hand-selected by the Mizuno Running team, based on their creative spirit and how it all uniquely coincides with running. Get to know one of the talented members of the team, Stan Mullins, below.

Mizuno Running: Introduce yourself – who you are, what you do, your craft, etc?

Stan: My name is Stan Mullins, and I am an artist. What that means to me, is that I am a creative person and that creativity overflows into everything I do.


MR: Stan, we all know you at Mizuno Running as the creator of both the 50th and 51st GIANT Peachtree Rider shoe! When did you start sculpting, and how did you discover your creative talents?

S: Family lore has me being an artist in the womb. My mom has a funny way to describe me, saying that she began her painting classes when carrying me… however, she describes it, I have simply always had the desire to create. Of course, it has evolved, but the desire has always been within me. Drawing and Painting first, then evolving into sculpture, now merging into the Epic projects of sculpture, architecture, and design.


MR: When did you start running?

S: Art has always set me just a bit apart. Sports enabled me to join others. As a kid, I was small for my age but fast. On the football, basketball, and baseball teams I was always the little guy…Crew coaches sought me out because of my small stature…like a jockey on a Kentucky Derby racer, High school Crew enabled me to be at the highest level. Running is a huge part of the sport and growing up in Alexandria, Virginia, our boathouse was right on the Potomac River…so we got to run along some of our nation’s history…of course, back then there were not the amazing trails we have now…it was more like Rocky…a bit rough, polluted, and tough…but that too was its allure…dig deep, and sing that Rocky anthem as you go!


MR: How does running and creativity tie together for you?

S: Running is my “go-to” for curing “writer’s block.” For me, running becomes a kind of prayer, meditation, and also (in a strange way,) a massage. Pounding and pushing and reaching into the physical ways of creativity, the smooth calypso of fluid motion enables my body to loosen up and mind and spirit to soar…


MR: You have run 50+ marathons so far in your running career…what made you settle on that distance?

S: I stepped up the game when I embarked upon the Marathon. Having some 55 marathons to date under the souls of my shoes, “Marathon” has become a symbolic metaphor of art and life in several ways. You cannot fake a marathon, it is never easy, and it is always a challenge…but what you get out of each and every mile is the inner light of achievement. I highly recommend each and every one of you to “run your race!”


MR: One last thing! What is your favorite Mizuno Running shoe?

S: My favorite Mizuno kind of depends on the task at hand…much the same as I approach my art, each piece is unique and requires a different mindset, as well as tool-set. Running muddy trails I go to my well-worn Wave Sky, for my evening pavement 3-milers I like the Wave Rider 23, and for steppin’ out for a walkabout I’ve got a newer pair of Wave Skys.

Learn more about our other Artist Ambassadors on The Insider and on Instagram at @MizunoRunningNorthAmerica.

Published: April 2020

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