Mizuno Athlete Workout Series: Samantha Show, Fastpitch

Training doesn’t stop because practice gets canceled. As our Mizuno Athletes look forward to 2021, they are finding creative ways to stay healthy and fit. In this series, a few Mizuno Athletes will share at-home workouts and drills to help you stay in tune with your technique during this time as well.

Samantha Show, is set to begin her professional playing career this summer after signing with Scrap Yard Fast Pitch. In 2019, Show capped her collegiate career by leading OSU back to the World Series for the first time since 2011 and was named an NFCA Third Team All-American. As she plans to train for another year, she has found ways to practice inside her home.

Watch the video below for a nice drill to work out hand-eye coordination. You need a glove and a tennis ball and a hard surface to bounce the ball on. This is great for when you are running to a ball or running to the next drill. This helps you keep your skills nice and fresh so that when you do get out on the field you are ready to go.


This next drill below is perfect for when you are at home during the quarantine. You don’t need a bat or ball, you just need yourself. This will help you stay inside the ball and through the middle of the field and then help with your follow-through when you are at-bat.

Did these drills help you with your technique? Let us know at @MizunoNorthAmerica and #MizunoFit.

Published: May 2020

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